We’re off and running…

Thanks to everyone who has visited the site, liked the Facebook page (Peace Corps Voices) and told someone else about this project. I’m so glad to have a web presence and I’m looking forward to adding more content–which you can do, too! Click on the “Share” menu above (rather than pulling it down) and you can tell a Peace Corps story (you don’t have to be a returned volunteer–any Peace Corps-related story is welcome).

I’ll post again once I have a Flickr stream up and then I’ll invite people to upload Peace Corps photos to the stream. If you have video, feel free to upload it to the Peace Corps Voices YouTube channel. Once the documentary is mapped out, I will also add an audio sharing option and some recordings that won’t make it to broadcast will appear there.

Meanwhile, on this main blog page I plan to write about the production process, feature interesting Peace Corps related sites and make announcements as stations begin committing to airing the program. This is also where I’ll post some of the stories that you share. So check back often and send your ideas and suggestions to info@peacecorpsvoices.org.

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